Welcome to Sozo Church.

Here are a few thoughts regarding what you can expect on Sunday morning.


It's all about Jesus

Our services, our lives, and our community, all of it is focused on glorifying God. On a Sunday morning that includes worship, the Word, prayer, giving, and building community.

We love kids

Kids are never too young to hear the Gospel. We have age specific kids church services for them during the entire service, including teaching from the Bible, games, discussion, and lots of fun.

Ages 0 - 2
Ages 3 - 5
Ages 6 - 11

Every other week a class for 6th - 9th graders is held during the message.

Our worship is focused on declaring the holiness and worthiness of God, we position our hearts and express worship through standing, raising our hands, and singing… loudly.

The Word

The Bible will be read, explained, and applied to your life in practical and eternal ways.

Listen to the most recent messages on the Sozo Church Podcast, on Apple Podcasts, or by searching for Sozo Church in your favorite podcast app.

We respond to the message with three practices in the midst of worship; communion, prayer, and giving. First, we take time to remember the blood of Jesus that was shed and the body of Christ that was broken for us on the cross for the forgiveness of sins. We take part in this act of remembrance called communion by dipping a piece of bread in the cup, then eating.

After taking communion together, our ministry team is available in the west wing of the sanctuary to pray with you for any needs you have.

Finally, we respond to what God is doing in our hearts by giving financially as an act of worship. Service buckets are passed or we give online.

After the service, we’d love to get to know you. There’s coffee, goodies, and authentic people. It’s a great time to meet new friends and build relationships.